Virtual Estate Plan Service

Virtual Estate Plan Service

Virtual Estate Plan Service

Addressing the Inevitable: Estate Planning with Compassion

RJ Fichera Law Firm provides you with the convenience and affordable fixed fee of an online estate planning service together with professional legal advice, if desired, and individually drafted estate planning documents to meet your unique needs.

The Best Time to Plan Your Estate is Now.

​The topic of our own mortality and the potential loss of decision-making capacity is a challenging one, often evoking discomfort and avoidance. It is this very avoidance that leaves countless families unprepared when faced with incapacity or the passing of a loved one. We understand the emotional weight of these considerations.

Waiting for such circumstances to occur is not a prudent course of action. Instead, we encourage you to take proactive steps today, even if it means making adjustments in the future. This is the approach we advocate for estate planning – a process grounded in compassion, understanding, and foresight. By acting now, you empower yourself and your loved ones to navigate these delicate matters with greater ease when the time comes.

The Best Benefit is Peace of Mind.

Knowing you have a properly prepared plan in place - one that contains your instructions and will protect your family - will give you and your family peace of mind. This is one of the most thoughtful and considerate things you can do for yourself and for those you love.


RJ Fichera Law Firm offers you experienced legal representation every step of the way. You will find the process much more personalized and more accessible than you may have expected in most cases.

You may simply request that an attorney review your completed document to ensure that it meets your objectives. You may also ask the attorney to discuss the various options with you and have the attorney make changes to the documents based on your discussion. The fee for either of these additional options is indicated on the pricing schedule.


RJ Fichera Law Firm is available by telephone for a mutually convenient telephone consultation or to schedule a meeting.


RJ Fichera Law Firm's fixed-fee pricing structure includes all of the documents which the vast majority of individuals need to protect their loved ones.


I. Here's an Overview of our Virtual Estate Planning Service:

  • Contact Us for a Free Consultation
  • Complete the Registration Process
  • Complete a Simple Questionnaire
  • Attorney Review of Your Questionnaire
  • Attorney Review of Your Draft Documents
  • Question and Answer Consultation
  • Receive Your Documents for Signing

II. Here is an In-depth Review of our Virtual Estate Planning Service:

  • Begin the process with an initial Free Consultation Call.
  • Then follow up with the Online secure, simple Registration Process.
  • Follow up with the Online secure, simple Questionnaire completed at your leisure in one session or in as many sessions as you need to ensure that all of your pertinent information is included in the decision-making process.
  • Once this Questionnaire is completed, we will analyze your situation to determine how your individual and family needs should be addressed in your Estate Plan.
  • A second informative Consultation will be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Your options, questions, and concerns will be addressed. The discussion will be used to devise an appropriate strategy for your individual and family situation.
  • After the Consultations, your draft Estate Planning Documents can be mailed or emailed to you. After you have reviewed your Draft Documents, another consultation will be scheduled if needed.
  • After all your outstanding questions have been resolved and all the issues addressed, any necessary alterations will be made to your Estate Planning Documents.
  • Finally, Estate Planning Documents will be mailed or emailed to you with detailed instructions on how to proceed with signing or executing your Documents.

Many people consider and obtain Living Trusts from purely online services but then do not “fund” their Living Trusts. Only those assets formally transferred into the Living Trust will be available to the Beneficiaries and benefit from avoiding Probate and particular Tax Savings. Establishing a Living Trust and then failing to fund it is a waste of time and money, leaving your assets exposed to expensive and lengthy probate and potential threats from creditors and others. We ensure your assets are all owned in the right way. You can have a fine set of Legal Documents, but if your assets are not owned and titled appropriately, the entire Estate Plan is basically useless.

RJ Fichera Law Firm helps you complete the final stages and all aspects of the Estate Plan Process, ensuring your Estate Plan does become effective, protecting you, your loved ones, your business, and your legacy.

  • We create an Electronic Record of all of your Legal Documents so you can easily access them at any time in the future and schedule a Legacy Meeting with you to review and update the Documents if necessary.
  • Legacy Planning. We meet with you at least every two (2) years to review your entire Estate Plan and keep it up-to-date. If follow-up planning is not included, the initial set of documents you receive may not be sufficient to meet your family's needs in the future.

For more information, please click here to REGISTER and complete the simple QUESTIONNAIRE –  and review the various ways that we can assist you and your family with your Estate Planning.

Now is the time. Get started today - For Free! 

Working with an Estate Attorney.

​Every person and every family has unique personal, financial, and business situations. Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney and Advisor is a critical decision. That person should be an experienced attorney with knowledge of the law and business and financial matters. Just as importantly, he or she needs to be sympathetic and empathetic so that you may feel at ease and comfortable in sharing your most personal details.

Please review our Concierge Estate Planning Service under Legal Plans or Click here for information on Pricing .

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