Our Mission

We Treat All “Customers” as “Clients”

What is the Distinction?

The Customer wants something from you.

The Client wants to share something with you.

You sell something to Customers.

You provide services and share something with Clients.

You focus on selling to a Customer.

You focus on serving the Client.

The Customer merely buys something from you.

The Client seeks advice, solutions, and affiliation with you.

Your relationship with a Customer is neutral.

Your relationship with a Client is qualitative.

You sympathize with Customers.

You empathize with Clients.

You are the Customer's salesperson.

You are the Client's Advocate.

The Customer has a short-term economic relationship with you.

The Client has a long-term protective, and loyal relationship with you.

Customers come and go.

Clients seek a life-long personal association.

In the end, you must be the Client's Advocate, Colleague, Patron, Sponsor, Protector, and Counselor.

Walmart has Customers.

We have Clients.

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The RJ Fichera Law Firm, located in Montgomery County, PA, and serving all of Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and the surrounding counties, is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to all its clients. We also have a satellite office in Newport Beach, CA. For matters or cases outside Pennsylvania, our office collaborates with local attorneys in each respective state, ensuring comprehensive legal representation. Please be aware that the RJ Fichera Law Firm offers legal advice exclusively within the framework of a formal attorney-client relationship, which is established through a written Retainer Agreement. It is important to emphasize that merely visiting our website does not, by itself, create such a relationship. We strongly advise that any and all legal action should only be undertaken with the guidance of legal counsel. This website is not intended for access or use by European Union citizens.

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