Document Creation

Document Creation

Document Creation

Remember, you can always plan ahead, but you can't plan behind.

An Estate Plan begins with the creation of a set of Legal Documents designed to protect your assets and personal property (your “Estate”) and explains how you want to pass them down. While every person's situation is unique, there are certain documents that are important for everyone, regardless of your situation or life circumstances.

What happens to your assets after you pass away?

Setting up an Estate Plan in the event of your incapacity or passing can help make the process easier on your loved ones and help clear up any confusion as to how to handle your assets. Remember, your Estate includes everything you own - cash, investments, pension plans, real estate, business interests, and any other personal property. If done properly, your Estate Plan will determine how those assets are treated upon your passing.

What happens when you can no longer take care of yourself?

Just as importantly, and again, if done properly, your Estate Plan will explain what you want your loved ones and caretakers to do if you become incapacitated and can no longer take care of yourself - medical and health care, long-term care, who will manage your finances, and who will look after your children and pets, if necessary.

What happens if nobody can find your documents?

You must also consider how you will organize your documents and help those you have named as your Executors, Administrators, and Agents to carry out your plans. A primary benefit of creating an Estate Plan is to avoid delays and inefficiencies when the time comes.

Working with an Estate Attorney.

Every person and every family has unique personal, financial, and business situations.

Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney and Advisor is a crucial decision. That person should be an experienced attorney with knowledge of the law and business and financial matters. Just as importantly, he or she needs to be sympathetic and empathetic so that you may feel at ease and comfortable in sharing your most personal details.

Please review our Concierge Estate Planning Service under Legal Plans or Click here for information on Pricing .

Now is the time. Get started today - For Free! The Importance of Estate Planning Documents.

The Importance of Estate Planning Documents.

We Have Your Alternative to the High Cost of Legal Services.It's tempting to turn to technology for quick answers. New websites and software packages pop up daily, stressing themes such as do-it-yourself, easy, and free. While these options may be intriguing, they leave many unanswered questions.
For years, I have been assisting clients with their Estate Plans. Over the years, however, I have learned that too many people find the In-person Estate Planning Process overwhelming and emotionally difficult. The fees associated with the Process are also a deterrent to many.

RJ Fichera Law Firm Provides Expert, Customized Legal AssistanceEstate Planning is about your life, your assets, and your wishes. No two circumstances are the same. Our experienced staff and partners understand all the nuances of Estate Planning, including the legal complications when planning for blended or non-traditional families.We listen to your Life-Story and provide you with your options, giving you the information you need to make the right choices for you and your loved ones. Then we do the work for you  at a reasonable, affordable price.


At RJ Fichera Law Firm, we utilize a team of experienced experts that can address your every Estate Planning need. Thanks to this team or network approach, we can provide the same “one-stop shopping” and expertise you find in a large Law Firm, with the personalized service you expect from a Boutique Firm.With the advent of new technology, some people have turned to store-bought "do-it-yourself" kits or ‘non-lawyer on-line "go-it-alone" document packages.

These alternatives tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach, and they often fail to meet your unique needs. In addition, they can lead to unintended outcomes that do not accurately reflect your wishes.That's why we partnered with a group of Attorneys and Web designers to make available to you the "Virtual Estate Planning System."

This user-friendly system empowers our Clients to participate in the creation of their Estate Planning Documents, including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Powers, with legal guidance and counsel.By completing a series of easy-to-understand questions and answers, our Virtual Estate Planning System allows users to create their own Customized Estate Plan from the comfort of their home. 

But unlike other low-cost alternatives, every Estate Plan is created with the participation of an attorney before, during, and after the Process, all of which is tailored to the Client's particular needs and wishes. Every option, issue, and problem is addressed, and every item is carefully explained. Our Virtual Estate Planning System dramatically reduces the amount of Attorney time customarily necessary to create an Estate Planning Package.

These savings are passed along to you. The cost of completing a Client-Assisted Estate Plan is approximately one-half (1/2) of what would be the normal In-office Price charged by most law firms.Using our Virtual Estate Planning System, you can eliminate the apprehension and high cost of creating your Estate Plan. And you can be confident in knowing that you are dealing with a knowledgeable Attorney in a very economical way. Get started today!


Estate Planning inevitably requires documents, forms, statements, and records. We can help you keep this information organized and secure for your own Estate Planning needs and provide it for your Executor. We can also ensure you know just what you need for ongoing review, updates, and alternatives if life brings new changes or challenges. This allows you to have all the documentation at your fingertips.

RJ Fichera Law Firm will approach the preparation of your Estate Plan with a focus on your unique needs and present to you a full range of options that suit your particular situation, including:

Last Will & Testament
Revocable Living Trust
Tax Shelter Trust
Power of Attorney
Healthcare Directives
Charitable Giving
Living Will
Deed Preparation
Asset Funding
Notary Services
Special Needs Planning
Life Estates


  • Your Full Legal Name. This should be the name you use for employment, voting, driver's license, and other personal information.
  • Your Spouse's Full Legal Name.
  • Your Children's Full Legal Names and Birthdates.
  • Full Legal Names of Children's Guardians.
  • Your Property. An inventory of the real estate, vehicles, and other items you will be specifically leaving a particular person.
  • Beneficiary and Successor Beneficiary Names. The names of the people to whom you will be leaving your assets and the successor beneficiary if your first choice predeceases you.
  • Trustee and Alternate Trustee Names. Full legal names of the person who will be managing the money for your beneficiary and the full legal name of an alternate trustee.
  • Executor and Alternate Executor. The full legal name of the person(s) who will be settling your estate. Include an alternate person.
  • Pet Caretakers. The pet's name and description and the name of a caretaker who will care for them. And if there is an amount of money, you would like to leave to care for your pet(s).

Check out our Bucket List for the overall picture of what your needs are, and can help guide you through the process ahead.For more information, review our VEPS Page, or please click here to REGISTER and complete the simple QUESTIONNAIRE – and review the various ways that we can assist you and your family with your Estate Planning.

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