Project Management

Project Management

Project Management
“A dream that I dream alone is but only a dream. But a dream that we dream together is reality.” - Raul Seixas

We want to be part of your team.

In that way, our services become an integral part of your operation.

The benefits are obvious ~

  • Better communication;
  • Greater focus on every element of the business;
  • The avoidance of problems before they arise;
  • Faster and better services;
  • Higher morale within the company; and
  • Bottom-line savings in the budget for each department.

We will take care of all the necessary tracking of time and business through strict adherence to a Project Management System

You will always know who is working on your Project, where you are in the Timeline, what is being done, what we might need to move a Project forward, and when you can expect completion of a particular Project. ​


Our experience has shown that we are able to handle the work needed as long as we can implement a Project Management System within the organization in cooperation with your staff so that we can work with you and the personnel at your facility in the most efficient manner.

A Project Management System will prioritize the issues confronting your business and provide the personnel who have to address and manage those issues with a system or method that is efficient, economical, and practical.

Since we cannot know if there is any ‘project management' within a given organization, we always discuss that issue with our Clients before we undertake a project or sign on with a Client

We must prioritize the issues. We simply cannot allow new issues to be addressed at the expense of previously unresolved issues. Problems that go unaddressed do not disappear; they simply fester, at which point in time they become much worse than they were before the priorities changed and will take much more time to resolve. That's not ‘management;' that's entrepreneurial chaos.

We understand that our Clients know that a good project management system is essential to success, but our experience has been that many companies do not have a formal system that involves everyone at every level and normally does not involve outside consultants. 

We believe we can help our Clients at the Executive Level to create, develop, and implement the necessary plans and systems so that they can concentrate on the Big Picture and know that their staff has a Blueprint for Success to guide them.

Strategic Planning:

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”-- Japanese Proverb

We do not want to begin any project or enter into any fee arrangement without a specific plan or strategic overview of your business. You may or may not want our opinion or advice on the overall direction of your company regarding any of your business matters, but if that is the case, we do not believe that is the best use of our talent, expertise, or experience.

We do not want to work day to day doing ‘piecemeal work' without a full appreciation of the overall direction of the business. If we are ‘out of the loop' except for the receipt of an occasional email asking for a review of some matter or other, the overall implementation of the company's strategic plan will suffer.

We advise our clients that lawyers make money in two ways:

1. A Client calls because they need help to rectify a situation they could have avoided in the first place. In most cases, if the Client called before addressing a complicated “legal” issue without proper legal advice, they could avoid finding themselves in a “legal bind.”


2. A Client calls and asks for advice, pays for that advice, but doesn't follow the advice, in which case the Client will call back and ask for help to rectify a situation they could have avoided if they had followed the advice they sought in the first place.

Obviously, fixing the Client's good effort but naïve mistake becomes a costly enterprise for the Client.

In both cases, the Client will pay more money than he or she really needs to pay because the Client did not seek advice in the first place or did not follow the advice he or she requested.

Strategic Business Plan:

More to the point, we believe strongly that every entrepreneur needs to develop a Strategic Business Plan for his or her company, i.e., a Blueprint of where they are now and where they want to go, which is something successful companies do as a matter of course. Such a Plan will define for everyone involved where ‘company operations' are relative to the goals of the business owner(s) or executive team.

We have done this for numerous clients and believe it is a necessary precursor to any success or growth. We would be glad to work with you on this very important project and make it part of our service.

"What people can accomplish by themselves is almost nothing compared to their potential when working with others." - John C. Maxwell

Why a Strategic Plan?

First and foremost, a Strategic Plan must be implemented so that everyone involved at the Executive Level can operate in a businesslike and professional manner and get on the same page in order to function as a real team, not as individuals working on separate items without any overall direction or plan.

Companies must plan:

  • Where the company is going, i.e., the Vision;
  • How it is going to get there, i.e., the Strategic Plan;
  • What it is doing to get there, i.e., the implementation of the Plan;
  • When it intends to meet the interim goals of the Strategic Plan in order to fulfill the Vision, i.e., a Strategic Timeline; and
  • Who will have authority and responsibility during each step of the process to implement the Plan?

Successful companies plan, unsuccessful companies react.

People may have some very good and workable ideas, including Operational Plans, the implementation of new systems for hardware and software, customer service, training, order entry, shipping, and new Marketing Plans, e.g., Infomercials, Co-ops, Lead Programs, and Call Centers, all of which have legal and compliance issues associated with them, as well as, implementation and integration issues that need to be addressed. Without a Blueprint, however, these items will never be fully addressed and never integrated properly so that the company can make a successful transition into the future.

That does not mean things will NOT be addressed or will NOT be accomplished; it simply means that if there is no overall guiding Plan or Blueprint for the company and its employees, it will be very difficult to take the company to the next level. Every company needs a Strategic Business Plan in order to reach its ultimate goal of financial success.

Our experience has been that companies address items and issues on an individual or ad hoc basis, and there is no timeline for integration or implementation. All we ever hear is that things are “moving forward” while the bills are adding up and the dollars are going out the door.

Moving forward to where, when, how, doing what, and by whom?

Companies hold meetings and conference calls day and night, telling everyone all the wonderful things that are about to happen, but nothing seems to happen. People can do ‘whiteboard'  outlines all day long, but at some point, there has to be an actual Business Plan for the company that addresses the entire scope of the company's business, including marketing, and what plans the Executive Team has for the company presently and for the future.

In the meantime, a whole host of other compliance issues need to be addressed but seemingly do not get addressed because there are so many other problems and issues and items that need attention. Thus, certain compliance issues go unaddressed or are put on the back burner until the problems/fires on the front burner can be addressed or put out, and/or because the budget does not allow a full level of legal services.

Does Your Company Need a Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan or Game Plan would allow you to communicate with your team and the leaders of the company the fact that you actually know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and where you are going with it. You do not want to give the impression that you are about to open a new market or launch a ‘marketing blitz' on a wing and a prayer. You need metrics and goals, and targets so that you can plan each phase of the operational and marketing expansion.

Steve Ballmer at Microsoft had two mantras:

1. “What gets measured gets done.”


2. “GSD” --  i.e., “Get Stuff Done!”

This really means, “GSD or someone else will be there ahead of you.”

Everyone thinks they are good at the GSD part, but in my experience, companies do not actually ‘get things done' in a manner or at a pace that is necessary to move the business forward strategically or rapidly, nor do they have the people in place to ‘get things done.'

The manner in which most companies are operating is the main reason for the slow movement forward and the waste of valuable time and resources. This may not be anyone's fault; it's just that when companies are in what can only be described as ‘start-up' mode, the full complement of personnel and support systems may not be in place.

Companies need to begin the ‘measurements' in-house, i.e., at every level of the company, so they can have clarity regarding the Big Picture and develop the Game Plan. Not a Game Plan for this week, this month, or even this year, but next year and 3-5-10 years from now. Only with that kind of strategic planning can the business really get to the next level and stay there.

Measuring the data,' i.e., all the data – costs, overhead, sales of individual products, delivery procedures, customer complaints, marketing, the internal systems, the quality of the personnel and the training methods presently being employed, who is doing what and how well they are doing it, must be a primary focus of the company.

Without this type of review, there is no way to plan for the future. At some point, the entrepreneurial mindset of the owners has to give way to reality, and the owners have to admit that just talking about great ideas and how great everything is going to be and actually developing a Plan, a Blueprint if you will, and implementing that Plan, so those ideas can become a reality, are not the same. Ideas are fine. Planning and implementation are what make ideas a reality.Contact RJ Fichera Law Firm Today

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