Concierge Estate Planning

Concierge Estate Planning

Concierge Estate Planning
"You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are."– Anais Nin

Planning for Life.

Our Concierge Estate Plan allows us to care for you and your family throughout all life's stages, including:

  • Preparation of Documents at a Flat Guaranteed Fee.
  • Annual Plan Review with Unlimited Plan Amendments.
  • Ongoing Advocacy for you and your family throughout your life and for your generations to come at a substantial discount.
  • Full-service On-line Access to all your documents.
  • Annual Review of your assets with ongoing updates.
  • True Concierge Services for you, your family, and your Business.

Check out our Bucket List for the overall picture of what your needs are, and can help guide you through the process ahead.

Concierge Estate Planning Service.

Estate Planning can be an overwhelming process for many people. It requires a good deal of time, fact and document gathering, planning, and decision-making that most people would rather not undertake.

First and foremost, Estate Planning is a process. It involves you and your family and other individuals and can be an emotional time in your life no matter when you begin that process.  It does not begin and end with the drafting of a few documents. It involves a full inventory of your Estate and that of your Spouse. Consequently, all of the various assets in your possession must be listed and categorized; the various forms of ownership and title to those assets must be reviewed and, in some cases, amended to suit the Estate Plan you may have in mind. In the end, it provides the means to an end, a very personal outcome. It addresses the future needs of you and your family for generations to come.

Due to the nature of the Estate Planning Process, we believe that a Holistic Estate Planning Strategy is paramount. Only in this way can we approach each individual's situation and create a Strategic Plan that involves every aspect of the Client's financial life with an overview of how best to meet the Client's emotional needs, intentions, and objectives.

Holistic Planning is a multi-disciplinary approach to Strategic Planning and involves the development of a team of professionals who can deliver Investment, Business, Insurance, Retirement, and Estate Planning. The primary goal of Holistic Estate Planning is to take preventative measures to avoid a future problem rather than to solve an existing dispute.

The Holistic Planner must, therefore, engage with the Client on a personal as well as a professional level. Knowing the Client takes time and effort. Understanding the full spectrum of the Client's life, including the Client's values, purposes, and goals provides the clarity necessary to create, develop and provide a single, comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Client.

Armed with this information, the Holistic Planner can then develop the Estate "Game Plan" for the Client and confer, advise, and lead the Client's Estate Planning Team, which should include an Estate Planning Attorney, a Financial Planner, and a CPA.  In addition, depending on the Client's situation, other Key Players might include a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), an Investment Broker, an Insurance Agent, and other professionals.

Clearly, coordinating such a Diverse Team of Professionals may seem daunting for the Client. Consequently, the Holistic Planner must not only act as a liaison between the Client and the Holistic Estate Planning Team but be prepared to assume the role of the Quarterback and coordinate the Team's efforts on behalf of the Client.

That "Game Plan" must correlate the unique passions and purpose of the Client's life and financial resources with the Retirement, Investment, Business, and Estate Planning Goals of the Client, all of which are interwoven with Asset Protection and Tax Planning Strategies.

Aligning the Client's Business Goals with the Client's Personal Goals is an integral part of the "Game Plan" and the overall design of a Successful Business Succession Plan.

For the Client, the utilization of a Holistic Approach allows the Client to focus on the whole environment of his or her Personal Estate, including his or her Business Organization, in a harmonious way and includes Holistic Strategies in all elements of Financial Planning, Business Succession, Retirement, and Estate Planning, as opposed to focusing only on specific components, which may result in an uncoordinated effort and render each element inconsistent, conflicting, and legally irreconcilable.

Thus, the emphasis is on interdependencies and interconnectedness, a macro approach, as opposed to a separate and unconnected approach, a micro approach. To create an integrated Estate Plan that covers all elements of one's personal, financial, business, and healthcare, one cannot remove one item from the environment and analyze or treat it separately; all elements of the environment must be analyzed and treated as part of the whole.

If you are serious about reaching your financial goals and having your wealth serve you, then Holistic Planning should work for you. The relationship should feel easy and relaxed. Your holistic planner is a valuable resource for day-to-day matters as well as long-term planning and should become a trusted confidant over time. You should feel confident that your planner will always have your best interest in mind while working on your behalf or coordinating with other professionals to do the same. Working with a holistic financial planner can be rewarding beyond the riches.

Our Concierge Estate Planning Service is a unique Planning Service with a personal, family-oriented touch that provides protection for you and your family throughout all of life's stages.

As we have stated, we do not take a "one-size-fits-all" approach with our Clients. We provide true Concierge Service for a select group of Clients. No one gets lost in the paper chase shuffle, and our Holistic Approach provides for long-term planning.

We are not providing a set of documents you can find online for a minimal price. The real benefits of Holistic Planning are almost too numerous to list, but the greatest benefit is peace of mind.

Our Holistic Planning Process offers the following benefits and more:
  • We clarify the actual status of your income, assets, and finances.
  • We listen and determine your true financial purpose and stay focused on your financial responsibilities, values, and goals.
  • We provide a professional and personal relationship that carries on into the future, and we are there for you when you need us.
  • We can work with your Life Insurance Agent or assist you in finding a trustworthy source for Life Insurance and other Insurance needs, including Asset Protection, Business Liability Insurance, Long-term Healthcare, and Nursing Home coverage if necessary.
  • We will help you optimize your Retirement and Pension Benefits.
  • We will ensure that the distribution of your Estate at the time of your passing or incapacitation will fulfill your wishes and reduce the estate, gift, and GST taxes to the largest extent allowable by law,

This all takes a combination of personal exchange, time, trust, and results. Such a deep and enduring relationship between a Client and his or her Attorney and a Holistic Planner is not unique, and you may think it is impossible to create, but we can make this work for you.

Our Concierge Estate Plan Service is designed to be economically reasonable and for the long term.

I. Virtual Estate Planning Program.

We have decided to incorporate and utilize a unique "Virtual Estate Planning System"  (VEPS) that allows our Clients to be involved with the actual creation of their own Estate Planning documents to create a Customized Estate Planning Package that includes personalized Will and Trust documents, if appropriate, as well as, the related Durable Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney.

This is the most highly developed, cutting-edge, and user-friendly technology available today, and it is reviewed and updated monthly to ensure that the VEP System is always up-to-date with the Law and the Rules and Regulations related to Estate Planning documentation.

The VEP System actually empowers our Clients to save time and money by allowing them to assist in the personalized creation of their own estate planning documents by simply completing a series of easy-to-understand questions on our Web site from the comfort of your home. We will be available by Telephone if questions arise, or the Clients can meet with one of our Associates to complete the On-line Questionnaire. Moreover, unlike other low-cost online forms that you can find on the Internet, every Estate Plan document created using the VEP System will be reviewed and revised personally by a licensed and experienced attorney in cooperation with our Clients.

Utilizing our Firm's online VEP System and the Questionnaire to complete your own Customized Estate Planning Package will reduce the amount of time and the cost normally associated with the Estate Planning process. Our Clients can feel confident that they have retained a Law Firm with experience and expertise and that our cutting-edge VEP System will allow them to move forward with the creation of their Estate Plans in an efficient and economical way.

For more information, review our VEPS Page, or please click here to REGISTER and complete the simple QUESTIONNAIRE – and review the various ways that we can assist you and your family with your Estate Planning.

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II. Long-Term Wealth Management.

This is really about the Legacies of our Clients. Our Firm has created, and each of our Clients is enrolled in our Concierge Long-Term Wealth Management Service, which provides a number of benefits for each of our Clients.

A. Our Fees for Services rendered in regard to Estate Planning documentation are flat, fixed fees that are guaranteed and acknowledged and approved in advance by the Client, and all services are guaranteed to be delivered in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of each and every Client. Following our initial meeting, you, as our Client, can choose the level of planning and fee structure that works best for you, your family, and your business.

B. We ensure that your financial house is in order and that your assets are titled properly now and in the future.

C. We also assist you in making decisions regarding your assets, budgeting, banking, investments, business succession, family planning, retirement, and long-term health care planning. In this way, you always have an advocate in your corner 24/7.

D. Following the creation of your documents, we stay involved, keep you informed, and ensure that your Estate Plan is working, make sure your plan works. We ensure that your family's well-being is properly planned and we will be there for them even after your passing.

E. In addition, in order to foster and strengthen an ongoing professional and personal relationship with our Clients, our Firm will review your Estate Plan annually at no additional cost through our Family Wealth VIP Membership Program. No one can predict what the future holds, and changes in relationships, finances, and business can change. In addition, we will ensure that any changes in the law will be addressed if they affect your Estate Plan in any way.

Please review our Concierge Estate Planning Service under Legal Plans or Click here for information on Pricing.

For more information, please click here to REGISTER and complete the simple QUESTIONNAIRE –  and review the various ways that we can assist you and your family with your Estate Planning.

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