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At the RJ Fichera Law Firm , we are proud to be a distinguished law firm specializing in Estate Planning, Business Solutions, and Legal Services for Individuals, Families, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Businesses, and Non-profit Organizations. With over 35 years of legal expertise, we offer holistic strategies to help our clients preserve their wealth, protect their families, and businesses, and secure their legacies.

We believe that every business person needs to devise a fully integrated Estate Plan as part of his or her Business Plan. Only in this way can all the contingencies related to financial & tax planning, & family succession be achieved. 

We provide Strategic Estate Planning, Integrated Business Planning, Compliance Safeguards, and Succession Planning, entailing a range of services designed to help clients achieve their desired outcomes, capitalize on opportunities, and maintain a resilient future.

Our team of professionals are passionate about the work that they do and are committed to delivering outstanding services at every turn.

In addition to addressing immediate legal and business needs, the RJ Fichera Law Firm understands that it is equally important to seek out strategies that address the bigger picture and provide lasting security. We take a proactive, holistic approach to making sure our clients are well taken care of and strive to create long-term relationships with everyone that we work with. 

For these reasons, the RJ Fichera Law Firm is the premier Elite Boutique Law Firm. If you’d like to learn how we can help you protect your family, businesses, and assets, don’t hesitate to Contact Us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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